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This Opportunity Zones Investing Guide was created by Janover Ventures, Real Estate Capital Markets Advisors. To learn more about us, keep reading below:

Janover Ventures was founded by CEO Blake Janover, evolving from a mortgage brokerage in the early 2000s to a direct lender in 2003 when it was at the forefront of the industry by leveraging digital strategy and technology to service a broader spectrum of clients while providing deeper value on a transactional basis. This was in an age that hadn’t yet embraced even spreadsheets. The umbrella of companies grew organically across various verticals from capital markets to direct investments; real estate digital media; and technology. The core principles of Janover Ventures and its brands are that there are no substitutes for creativity, listening, innovation, integrity and transparency. The only thing static in our world right is that it is dynamic, fluid and in a constant state of growing entropy.

“Our team is democratizing real estate capital markets while embracing every facet of available technology and creating it where it doesn’t exist.”